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Free Digital Signage Software with Player

I was planning to install some LED screens in a building and searched for any Free software to simulatenesouly or separately managed all the screens through one single web based application. Contacted various vendors who provided a quote for a very high amount for such solution. I made a intensive search and found a very professional yet 100% free web based application software for my digital signage needs.

Let Xibo help you create dynamic content!

We’re all used to seeing digital signage and a location without a sign is starting to stand out! Xibo Digital Signage is a free of cost, high performance solution to launch your signage needs into new heights! Digital Signage content is now so much more than just fixed images and text and with Xibo’s you can transform your designs simply and quickly by integrating third party content to give a personalized experience.

Visit XIBO website. download the software and install it on your web host. XIBO can also be installed from CPanel automated software installer scripts like softaculous.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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