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Khyber College

Khyber College


he North West Education System has been created with a view to set up educational institutions for under graduate, graduate and post graduate studies at various places and cities and to introduce and maintain the highest level of academic standards for such institutions. The North West Education System has been established a uniform system of curricula, co curricular activities, examination system and an overall administrative setup to control the affairs of all the attached institutions. By now there are five campuses with the expected intake of about 2000 students in year 2006-07. All branches of the Khyber College group shall ultimately be the subordinate institution of the North West Education System.

Training is part of our introductory lessons. Strong networks and outstanding IT Team would enable all students to be automatically experts in all fields of communication. A student doesn't need to bring lot of papers, though he may take a few notes if he needs clarifications.

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