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Kings Medical Center UAE

Kings Medical Center UAE


GOAL: Treasure LIFE; value HEALTH; focus and cherish the PEOPLE itself.
FOCUS: Individual's and family's SATISFACTION as a WELL-BEING.
Vision: To be known and the center of health & beauty provider and create unparalleled value to a healthy living life.
Mission: Build customer confidence through satisfying both inner the HEALTH and outer the BEAUTY needs.

To let the people live with satisfaction and see the ultimate beauty of being a healthy individual.
AIM: To provide a holistic and a historical incomparable service satisfaction.
SLOGAN: Your partner in health & beauty.

Strengths and Duty

Our team have a strong desire to do the "right thing", the right attitude, the right approach and the right service. We aim to build an unbreakable trustworthiness and partnership between health team and customer. Providing an equal approach considering safety, confidentiality and privacy. To be a role model providing an exceptional customer experience, a great people who are well trained and equipped to address the needs and add value to customer.

Core Values and Practice

To recognize the worth and dignity of every human being, we fulfil our mission through the expression of core values defining our present and directing to our goal. Our values recognize patients, families, co-workers, colleagues and the community we serve regardless of ethnic or cultural differences, spiritual belief or lifestyle choices. We pledge ourselves to the following values and beliefs and commit ourselves continually to seek out way to embody them in our attitudes, caring services and fondness.

We got this multi-disciplinary approach we named as “DC PASSION” what we called D’ Center of PASSION which stands for:

Dignity – We respect the needs and wants of every individual, and recognize their right to healthcare choices. We involve the individual and their significant others in decision-making regarding health condition.

Compassion – We believe in the compassionate delivery of care and advocating. We strive to create an environment in which perfection and caring are combined, to promote healing and growth satisfaction for all.

Professionalism – We carry with pride the right conduct and ethics which is one of our prevailing tool in implementing our Goals. We stand only on the right way and convey only the right thing. What we do is what we are.

Accountability - We take responsibility with regards to your health, safety and of civility of the care we give. We honour our commitments and strive to provide the highest quality service. We focus on solutions and are not afraid to take responsibility.

Satisfactory and Excellency – We believe that service excellence is achieved through proactive, innovative, effective solutions and responsible management of our many resources, both human and technological. We are steadfast in our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Sincerity – We offer a hand providing an overflowing care to turn negativity to positivity. An act and practice that comes naturally. No, to do harm and never, to inflict more harm.

Integrity – We are visionary yet realistic in setting direction, leading by as an example to our teams and patient. We have high standards of ethics, performance, and behavior in all aspects of our caring relationship. We believe that our reputation is our most valuable asset.

Open Communication - We provide an open communication and environment observing the confidentiality of information and the right to privacy. Because we believe in the power of informed Associates to achieve shared goal.
- Also in which any suggestion, idea, issue or question receives attention with respect and courtesy.

NO to discrimination - We believe that each person has the right to be treated in an honest, fair, appropriate manner and be respected beyond economic or personal needs.

KMC planned and created an entire customer management strategy, we collaborate with our customers, we share our expertise, and we build trust, and create strong customer relationships.

Adding value through our key brand attributes includes:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • People first culture
  • Our fundamental strength combined with local flexibility
  • Operational excellence.

We maintain the highest levels of expertise and constantly affiliated in delivering our Core Values.

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