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ATLAS PAINTS INDUSTRIES has been associated with paint manufacturing since 2006 2012, and has since been the only paint manufacturing concern in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Atlas has steadily and successfully progressed and prospered into a dynamic enterprise. The organization has achieved many milestones, gained respect and credibility in the market, and has meet the growing demand through regular developments in its product range. Atlas Paints has continued to gain a healthy market share and has maintained a good reputation for consistent quality in local as well as foreign markets. The critical factors for success in the growth of the business are the employment of latest technology and innovation, as well as the use of a successful marketing mix in making our key brands more market orientated. Atlas Paints concentrates primarily on decorative, fast drying (Nitrocellulose) and multi-colored paint. We at Atlas Paints apply Total Quality Management techniques to ensure the best end product, including raw material purchasing, handling, formulation, packaging and finally the delivery to end consumer. The business also offers a range of Value Added Services, which largely include technical support and color palette advisory services through very experienced professionals.

Atlas Paints has left nothing to be desired in ensuring the right price, quality and value addition for the very best comfort of every customer.

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